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Lean Manufacturing Implementation Ministry of MSME

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Projects Funded Agency
Design & Development of Injection Moulding Dies Micro Instrument Company, Ambala
Design & Development of Injection Moulding Dies Advanced Micro Devices Pvt. Ltd., Ambala
Design & Development of prototype for new product Elinco Innovations
Design & Development of prototype for new product Acculab Industry


Name of Laboratory
Central Workshop
Thermal Engineering/ Thermodynamics Lab.
Kinematics/Dynamics of Machine Lab.
Strength of Material/ Elements of Mechanical Engineering Lab.
Fluid Mechanics/ Machines Lab.
Measurement / Mechatronics Lab.
Tribology and Mechanical Vibration Lab
Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab. (M.Tech)
Refrigeration and Air- Conditioning Lab
Project Lab.
Heat Transfer Lab.
P.T Lab.
Industrial Engineering Lab.

Research Publications

S.NoName of authorsTitle of the paperName of journal/conferenceVolume & No.Year and monthPages
1Jain, S.K. and Singh HApplication of Statistical Process Control in Healthcare: A Case StudyNational Conference of Mechanical Engineering, Thapar University, Patiala...2008148-153
2Jain, S.K. and Bali, P.L.Evaluation of Patient Satisfaction in a Public General Hospital: A Case StudyNational Conference of Modern Trends in Engineering & Sciences...2009...
3Jain, S.K. and Bali, P.L.Application of Statistical Process Control Charts in Healthcare: A Case studyInternational Journal of Science Technology & managementVol. 2, No. 2201174-84
4Prince, Satnam Singh, Mukesh Verma and Sarabjot SinghMicromechanical Behavior of Polymer Composite Material with Sharp and Curved Fiber/Matrix Interface using Finite Element AnalysisInternational Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Vol.- 6 Issue - 18 20113186 - 3189
5Satnam Singh and Prince Vibration Characteristics of Thermoplastic CompositesAmerican Institute of Physics,Vol.-14142011211-214.
6Prince, Satnam Singh and Vivek Chauhan Analysis of Polymer Composite with Varying Volume Fraction using Finite Element Modeling at Micro LevelPSAT-2011 at JMIT, Radaur....2011....
7Amit Kumar Haldar, Satnam Singh and PrinceVibration Characteristics of Thermoplastic CompositesICM2ST-2011 Jaipur....2011....
8Prince, Satnam Singh, Mukesh Verma and Sarabjot Singh Micromechanical Behavior of Polymer Composite Material with Sharp and Curved Fiber/Matrix Interface using Finite Element AnalysisIETET-2011 Kurukshetra....2011....
9Jain, S.K. and Ahuja, I.S.An evaluation of ISO 9000 initiatives in Indian industry for Enhanced manufacturing performanceInternational Journal of Productivity and Performance ManagementVol. 61, No.72012778-804
10Jain, S.K. and Ahuja, I.S.ISO 9000 Quality Management System: literature review and directionsInternational Journal of Technology, Policy and Management,Vol. 12, No. 42012312-343
11Jain, S.K. and Ahuja, I.S.Application of analytical hierarchy process for justification of ISO 9000 implementation in manufacturing organisationsInternational Journal of Business Continuity and Risk ManagementVol. 3, No. 3,2012221–233
12Prince, Mukesh Verma and Sarabjot Singh Analysis of Failure Phenomena in Multi- Fiber polymer composite material at varying volume fraction using Finite Element ModelingInternational Journal of Engineering Research and Application,Vol.- 2 Issue- 22012287-291.
13Satnam Singh, Prince and Amit Kumar Micromechanical Behaviour of Flexible Pavement under Combined Effect of Wheel and Thermal Load Condition NITTTR Chandigarh.....2012....
14Prince, Sarabjot Singh and Satnam Singh Methods And Models For Failure Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Composites: A ReviewICT-2012 at SSIET, Derabassi.....2012....
15Prince & Satnam Singh Finite Element Analysis and Experimental Investigation of Debonding Behavior of Steel Fiber Reinforced EpoxyICAM-2012 IIT (BHU), Varanasi.....2012....
16Jain, S.K. and Ahuja, I.S.Strategies and Success factors for overcoming challenges in ISO 9000 implementation in Indian manufacturing industryInternational Journal of Technology, Policy and ManagementVol. 13, No. 22013121-139
17Gupta, S. and Jain, S.K.Implementation of 5S in a Micro Scale Industry: A case study International Conference on Advances in Mechanical and Computer Engineering, GITM....201383-86
18Singh, S., Kumar, P. and Jain, S.KAn experimental and numerical investigation of mechanical properties of glass fiber reinforced epoxy compositesAdvanced Materials LettersVol. 4, No. 72013567-572
19Jain, S.K. and Ahuja I.SEvaluation of ISO 9000 implementation aptness for Indian manufacturing industries using fuzzy simulationInternational Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management Vol. 4, No. 22013139–154
20Jain, S.K. and Malik, A.KRelevance of lean manufacturing in Indian small scale industryInternational Journal of Business Continuity and Risk ManagementVol. 4, No.2201393–107
21Gupta, S. and Jain, S.KA Literature Review of Lean Manufacturing International Journal of Management Science and Engineering ManagementVol. 8, No.42013241-249
22Er.Satbir Singh, Dr. B.S Pabla, Dr. S.S BanwaitIMPROVEMENT & ANALYSIS OF PRODUCTIVITYNational Conference on Advances in Manufacturing Technology,NTTTRMarch 14 - 15,2013....
23I.C.Ramola Green manufacturing process towards agility”, National conference on Advancements in Mechanical Manufacturing Methods National Conference at Haryana Institute of Technology, Bahadurgarh.....2013....
24I.C.RamolaImplementation of lean Manufacturing in Indian MSMEs: A literature review”, National conference on Advancements in Mechanical Manufacturing Methods National Conference at Haryana Institute of Technology, Bahadurgarh.....2013....
25Bhupinder Singh & I.C.RamolaStudy of mechanical properties for aluminium alloy (6061) by using different tool shapes in friction stir Welding”International Journal of Research in Engineering & Applied SciencesVolume 3, Issue 10, 2013
26Ashok Kumar, Gurpinder SinghInvestigation of Mechanical Properties of 6063 Aluminium Alloy After Thixoforming ProcessInternational Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Research2013923-927
27Ashok Kumar, Gurpinder SinghEvaluation of Flexural Strength of Epoxy Polymer Concrete with Red Mud and Fly AshInternational Journal of Current Engineering and TechnologyVol.3, No.520131799-1803
28Prince, Satnam Singh and Pardeep KumarExperimental investigations and finite element analysis of debonding behavior of steel fibre reinforced epoxyElixir International JournalVol. - 57201314052- 14054
29Pardeep Kumar, Narendra Kumar, Satnam Singh, PC TewariDecision Support System for Critical Subsystems of a Beverage PlantCPIE2013,NIT JalandharCPIE2013_1509, March2013....
30Rupen Trehan, Satnam Singh and Manish GargOptimization of mechanical properties of polyester hybrid composite laminate using TaguchiJournal of Materials Design and ApplicationsPart L2013....
31Suraj Choudhary, & Parveen SainiAnalysis of MRR and SR with different electrode for SS 316 on Die-Sinking EDM using Taguchi techniquesGlobal Journals of Research in Mechanical & Mechanics EngineeringVol. 13, Issue 32013....
32Suraj Choudhary & Parveen SainiAnalysis of machining parameters for optimization of surface roughness of Stainless Steel AISI 202 in CNC face milling processInternational Journal of Mechanical EngineeringVol.2, Issue 3.2013....
33Kumar, R., Gupta, R.K., and Verma, MPerformance analysis of a Process Industry to provide Decision Support SystemInternational Journal of Engineering Research and Technology, NCAEM-2013 Conference Proceedings--2013137-142
34Amit Arya, Jain, S.K.“Benefits of using ‘5S’ in small scale industry : A case Study” International Conference of Advance in Mechanical And ComputersJan2013-
35Amit Arya, Jain, S.K.“A case study of achieving business excellence by implementing 5S in small scale industry”International Conference on “Sustainable business growth in turbulent times: opportunities and challenges”....2013-
36 Anil Sharma ; Dr. S.K. Jain ; Dr. B.S. Pabla“ Utilization of Waste by Lean Manufacturing “National Conference at NITTTR Chandigarh.May20134
37Gupta, S. and Jain, S.K.The 5S and kaizen concept for overall improvement of the organisation: a case studyInternational Journal of Lean Enterprise ResearchVol. 1, No. 1201422-40
38Sodhi, G.S, Jain, S.K. and Ahuja, I.S.The Evaluation of Contributions of Strategic Implementation of ISO Quality Systems in Manufacturing OrganizationsInternational Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics, Data Communication and Computing,Gurukul VidyapeetVol. 1, No. 22014330-332
39Ashok Kumar, Gurpinder SinghInvestigation into the Machining Characteristics of Composites using Chemical Assisted Ultrasonic Machining ProcessInternational Journal of Current Engineering and TechnologyVol.4, No.3 20141260-1264
40Ashwani kumar, Deepak K. Choudhary and Prince Mechanical Properties of Epoxy Based Hybrid Composite of Glass and Banana FiberJournal of Manufacturing EngineeringVol.- 9 Issue- 1 2014049-054.
41Narendra Kumar,Anish SachdevaGreen Manufacturing Process towards Agility:A Need of HourMidas Touch International Journal Of Commerce, Management And Technology.A Monthly Referred E-JournalISSN: 2320 - 7787 , Vol-2, No. 1 2014188-193
42Narendra Kumar, Vikas ChawlaAutomation and Greening:Two Important Pillars of Future Manufacturing SystemsNational Conference on Recent Advances in Science & Technology(NCST-2014) BKIT,Bhalki(Karnatka)E-055/1 Mar. 22-232014....
43Suraj Choudhary & Ravi DuhanEffect of different fluxes on hardness and microstructure of SS 304 in GTAWInternational Journal of Mechanical EngineeringVol.3, Issue 4,2014
44Kumar, R., Kumar, P., Nishant and Joshi, AMaintenance Strategy for Beer Manufacturing PlantInternational Journal of Mechanical Engineering and Robotics ResearchVol. 3, No. 3201495-102
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46Amit Arya, Jain, S.K.Impacts of Kaizen in small scale industry: A case study”“International Journal of Lean and six-sigma”201422-44
47Kumar, Ajay. and Sharma,S Role of emulsion and nanotechnology in alternative fuel for CI engineinternational Journal of Current Engineering and TechnologyVol. 4, No.420142892-2897
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51Sandeep Kumar & I.C.RamolaAnalysis of surface roughness and material removal rate for high carbon high chromium steel on die sinking EDM using Taguchi Technique International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology (IJETT) ISSN: 2231-5381. ..2015..
52Sandeep Kumar & I.C.RamolaAnalysis of Material Removal Rate and Tool Wear Rate for high carbon high chromium steel on die sinking EDM using Taguchi TechniqueInternational Journal of Engineering Research & Management Technology (IJERMT)Volume-II Issue-IV2015..
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67Satbir Singh and Sanddep SinghalProductivity Profection and Analysis in Manufacturing Top Cover : Implementing clustering approach with Combination Tooling Journal of Engineering and TechnologyVol. 6, No. 22018339-353

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